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Video: Josh Emmett reveals facial injuries suffered in UFC Austin win over Calvin Kattar

Josh Emmett was victorious at UFC Austin ... but not without a price.

The streaking featherweight contender, winner of five straight, captured a split decision victory over fellow 145-pound bruiser Calvin Kattar last weekend in the “Lone Star State” and absorbed 130 significant strikes in the process.

70 of which connected to the dome.

“My eye actually just opened today, this morning,” Emmett told Michael Bisping’s podcast on Monday. “It’s like my whole eyebrow and then this one right here was almost like a ‘Y’ shape so they had to go like a bunch of stitches down and on the other side. Other than that, I’m doing alright. It looks bad but it looks worse than it is.”

Skip to 18:15 in the video above to see Emmett without his shades (sneak peek below).

Emmett, 37, improved to 18-2 with his victory over Kattar and is undoubtedly on the promotion’s short list of eligible title contenders, potentially landing the next featherweight title shot — depending on what happens in this upcoming trilogy.

Stay tuned.

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