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THE Fighting Falmer

The Falmer, also known as the Fighting Falmer, were an elven race, whose empire held a portion of the MMA underworld. They were said to be a powerful and conquering people before their world was devastated by unexpected events caused by the Nords. 


The Falmer are implied to have had some affinity towards magic, one of them is recorded to have been able knock down opponents at will.

Other abilities the Falmer held included the ability to put their opponents to sleep and the ability to tolerate high levels of pain using mental powers. 


Falmer armor is a white armor with a number of embellishments. 

They are known to have two kinds of armor. The first is an armor with vibrant colors which covers part of the skin, representing works of tattoo art of Japanese warriors, Tiki spirits, and other Bill Liberty works.

The second is an armor which fully covers the body, and gives the Falmers their ability to increase and decrease their size, but always maximize their strength. 

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