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What inspired your tattoos?

I was a big fan of Japanese art, and Bill Liberty has been around forever, one of the best tattoo artists in the country, that happens to live near me. 


When did you decide to get your tattoos? Do you regret any of them or want to get any more in particular?

I was pretty young, got the first on my 18th birthday. Got most of them when I was younger. I eventually want sleeves, with my right arm color, and my left black and gray, but still thinking of a unique concept.


The tiki mask is a picture from the Big Island. All the other stuff, it's cherry blossom flower, lotus flower, and water. I started this piece when I was 19. I really like clown fish, everyone normally gets koi. This was before Finding Nemo was made. "It's not Nemo!" Hahaha! It's still really bright, but it was even more so 15+ years ago.

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