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Urijah faber reflects on Josh emmett's last 10 years

The Legend of Josh Emmett 10 yrs In!

Moving up the ranks w another amazing KO. A step closer on his long Journey to become a champ...the hard way!

For those that don’t get 2 see behind the scenes, here is a look at a guy that is now 16-2 , in the top 7 in the world & has faced nothing but adversity. I remember learning in college, when I was studying to be a teacher, about kids that can slip by. Some kids are loud, some kids are funny, some have troubles that force attention, and some are soft spoken, easy & can get overlooked. We were reminded to acknowledge, share time and focus with the kids that aren’t screaming for attention, causing trouble, the class clown or the social butterfly.

Josh Emmett was a long time wrestler, and had his first pro fight in Oct of 2011. Because he hit like a Mack Truck, Josh had major fractures in his hands, fighting on the small shows around Sacramento. These injuries made building his record fast, more difficult.

In May of 2014 Josh finally had a 5-0 record and was introduced and acknowledged to the UFC matchmakers as a top wasn’t till 2 years later that Josh got a last minute 5 day notice call to fight a weight class up at 155 lbs in Amsterdam (he was 9-0). Without hesitation Josh jumped on a plane, cut his weight and flew across the world to Scrap. He was so excited he couldn’t sleep for 3 days, he went into the fight ready to conquer. Shortly into the fight Josh dislocated his finger and the bone shot out of the skin. Not wanting to miss his opportunity, Josh hid his finger (bone protruding) from the ref, & won decisively. His first fight at 145’s, Josh set a record for Knockdowns in a single round, where he again broke his hand, his second fight was nearly a year later on 3 weeks notice, knocking out a top 5 opponent.

Hand injuries, a fractured face bone/teeth, and concussion issues are only some of the tough breaks Josh has seen. His soft spoken demeanor and unfortunate injuries have made him a sleeper to the world. His last fight was another example of Josh’s heart & talent. Even with a knee destroyed 15 secs in, he’s hunt’n the belt 🏆 another surgery in sight, the fire is lit and the legend grows! 👊🏽

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