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UFC on ESPN 11 results: Josh Emmett batters Shane Burgos in incredible brawl

Josh Emmett and Shane Burgos faced each other in a Featherweight bout tonight (Sat., June 20, 2020) at UFC on ESPN 10 from inside UFC APEX from Las Vegas, Nevada. Following an absolute war, Emmett was awarded the decision victory (highlights).

Burgos stalked his opponent early, but it was Emmett who landed first with a left hook and heavy right hand. Burgos stung his foe with a jab, but he ate a right hand not long after. Emmett was connecting with power shots consistently. Another 1-2 scored for Emmett. Long jab connected for Burgos again. Emmett returned the favor then ate a low kick. Crisp cross jacked the jaw of Burgos, who then ripped a calf kick. Two more calf kicks from Burgos, but Emmett landed another right. Burgos started to find a consistent home for his low kick. Left hook to body landed hard for Burgos. Emmett ripped the ribs himself. The two both landed heavy power shots. Burgos stuck his foe with a jab, prompting a brief takedown then heavy pair of right hands from Emmett.

Emmett’s lead leg seemed to be bothering him at the start of the second, but the pocket exchanges continued regardless. Major three punch combination backed Burgos up for a moment. The two traded jabs. Good low kick from Burgos wobbles his opponent, followed by a snappy jab. Cross-hook combination again lands for Emmett with serious power. Emmett stuck his foe with straight shots. A pair of body shots connected for Burgos. Despite the low kicks from Burgos, Emmett was still able to land punches as Burgos stalked. Burgos ripped a clean 1-2. One more from Burgos. Huge overhand smacked into the chin of Burgos. Emmett scored with a multi-punch combination near the bell, but Burgos fired right back.

Burgos started the third with a jab. Emmett returned with a combination. Good low kick from Burgos prompted a body-head combo from Emmett. Huge jab connected for Emmett, dropping Burgos to the mat! Burgos ate a couple shots but recovered well, getting back to his feet. Another overhand landed for Emmett, then an illegal low blow stalled the action. Two major overhands landed for Emmett upon restart. Burgos kicked low. Major overhand land dropped Burgos a second time! From full guard, Emmett started dropping solid punches. Again, Burgos returned to his feet with two minutes remaining! Good 1-2-3 landed for Burgos, but Emmett fired back with more power shots. Clean jabs landed for Burgos. Great combination scored for Burgos with an uppercut. Left hook counter scored for Emmett. Another huge overhand from Emmett wobbled his opponents knees! Overhand left scored again for Emmett as well. The two traded punches until the final bell.

WHAT A WAR! You would be hard-pressed to find a better Featherweight boxing match, as both men scored tremendously heavy blows. Emmett’s were consistently more powerful, but Burgos’ miraculous chin and volume kept him in the fight.

Result: Josh Emmett defeats Shane Burgos via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)


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