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UFC fighter Emmett explains why Khabib and Jones deserve to be crowned the best in league history

Top UFC welterweight Josh Emmett said former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones deserve the right to be called the best in league history.

I don't even know. Best in history? I'll probably choose Khabib. Just because he was the lightweight champion, and he was undefeated. Besides, he left on his own terms when he wanted to. And I also have to name Jon Jones, I don't think anyone will argue with that. If not for one stupid mistake, he would have had a flawless record. All in all, Jon Jones and Khabib are the best fighters in history. - Josh Emmett for Helen Yee Sports

Jones, 35, last entered the Octagon in February 2020 at UFC 247, defeating Dominick Reyes by unanimous decision. In July 2019 at UFC 239, Jones defeated Thiago Santos by split decision. Jones has 26 wins and one loss under his belt.

Nurmagomedov had his last fight of his career in October 2020 at UFC 254, defeating Justin Gaethje by choke in the second round. Khabib, 34, has 29 wins and no losses under his belt.

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