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UFC Austin’s Josh Emmett: Every Fight Is Potential Fight of the Year “If I’m Involved In It”

Josh Emmett finds himself in another main event at UFC Austin this weekend, but despite the placement and extra ten minutes of fighting (potentially), he doesn’t see it as any different from any other fight.

“I always prepare the same. I’ve been preparing for a five, six round fight my entire career,” Emmett (17-2) said at this week’s UFC Austin media day, ahead of his featherweight clash with Calvin Kattar. “So yeah, there could be possibly two more rounds, but it’s no different to me.”

As always when the likes of Kattar and Emmett are involved, there’s talk of UFC Austin’s main event being a “banger.” That word has been marched out again and again this week; expectations are clearly high.

“Every fight has the potential to be one of the Fights of the Night, Fight of the Year if I’m involved in it,” Emmett stated on that front. “I feel like every single fight I’ve been in, everyone’s like ‘this is a banger, this is fireworks’ — and it will [be], but at the end of the day, I really do not know what’s going to happen. It could be the toughest fight of my life, or it could be the easiest fight. And that’s with every single fight.”

Part of that is how hard Emmett prepares for his fights, he explained. Part is how good his opponents are. “I know how good they are, and as you climb the ranks, they’re even better. So I’m prepared, that’s about it. Every fight there’s going to be violence, that’s for sure. He’s going to be trying to take my head off, I’m going be doing the same thing. With every strike I throw, I’m trying to finish the fight. So we’ll see what happens when I talk to you guys on Saturday night.”

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