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"There's no way Calvin won" - Brendan Schaub believes judges 'got it right' in Calvin Kattar vs. Jos

by Sayan Nag

Brendan Schaub is convinced that Calvin Kattar lost his fight against Josh Emmett at UFC Austin. According to the former UFC fighter, the judges were right to score the split decision in favor of Emmett.

Schaub had initially planned on forming a narrative that sided with Kattar winning the closely contested bout. However, having watched the fight thrice, the TUF alum is convinced that Emmett outdid his opponent in the key area that is most relevant to judges – damage. In the latest edition of The Schaub Show, 'Big Brown' said:

"Even though I know the outcome, I went in going, 'Oh I'm gonna watch this and I bet I can find a narrative where Calvin won. I'm gonna come on the show on Monday and argue it for Calvin and try to change the narrative.' Watched the fight three times, there's no way Calvin won."

Schaub added:

"I mean at best you have him [Kattar] winning two rounds... But outside that I don't see it and I hate saying that. I was hoping to argue for Calvin and as much as I love him, I can't. They got it right on this one."

Josh Emmett scored a statement-making win over Calvin Kattar in the main event of UFC Austin last Saturday to put himself in a promising position in the featherweight division.

With the 145-pound title set to be contested next month between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway, Emmett will be eyeing the victor when he returns to the octagon.


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