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Josh Emmett Wife and Kids – All You Need to Know About Josh Emmett’s Family

Josh Emmett has been a mainstay at the top of the UFC’s featherweight division for a while now. After fighting in MMA for almost 12 years, Emmett has put in some fantastic performances over the years. As such, Emmett has gradually become one of the UFC’s most reputed and well-rounded strikers.

Throughout his career, Emmett has been in multiple wars with some of the best fighters in his division. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Josh has always been an exciting watch, with his scrappy and hard-hitting style loved by fans all around the globe. Although he looks like a stone-faced killer at times, the American is actually a joyful and gracious family man outside the UFC Octagon.

As such, many have often wondered about Emmett’s past, his daily life, and what he gets up to outside of the UFC. Ahead of his first-ever title fight in the UFC against Yair Rodriguez at UFC 284, let’s take an in-depth look at Josh Emmett’s personal life.

Is Josh Emmett married?

Yes, Joshua James Emmett is married to his beautiful longtime girlfriend Vanessa Emmett. For those unaware, Josh Emmett married Vanessa on October 20, 2012. Recently, Josh shared a post celebrating the couple’s 10-year anniversary on his Instagram. Notably, the post was a collection of photos from all their travels around the world in the past decade.

Although the couple has been together for more than a decade, they do not have any children as of now. However, Josh and Vannessa are the parents of their French Bulldog by the name of Apollo. For the most part, there is little to no information about Vanessa Emmett. From her social media posts, we can understand that she is a fitness enthusiast and lives a very active lifestyle with her husband, Josh.

Similarly, there is very little information about Josh Emmett’s other family members. Aside from posts with his little brother, James, there is no mention of any other family in Emmett’s social media posts. As for Josh, he regularly posts updates about his life on his socials.

Moreover, he tends to post pictures of his wife and their travels around the globe. Most notably, the couple has visited Vietnam, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Hawaii, and more.

Josh Emmett’s career, nationality, and more

Currently, Josh (18-2) is the #5 ranked contender in the UFC’s featherweight division. Born and brought up in the United States, Emmett studied psychology in college wanting to become a law enforcement officer, and did his Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree at Menlo College. Simultaneously, Emmett wrestled for 14 years; starting at El Camino Fundamental High School before continuing in his college years.

At the junior college level, Emmett wrestled his first two seasons at Sacramento City College, eventually moving to NAIA Menlo. Following his collegiate career, Emmett joined Urijah Faber’s “Ultimate Fitness” to further continue his venture into combat sports. As such, Emmett is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu grappler, winning a world championship in the blue belt no-gi division.

After amassing a 9-0 professional record, Emmett signed with the UFC in 2016. During his loss to Jeremy Stephens in 2018, Emmett suffered a potentially career-ending injury. As such, Emmett’s left eye-socket floor was shattered, his left orbital bone was broken, his cheek was caved in and he also had a compressed nerve near the muscle that controls his left eye’s movement.

Initially termed as ‘inoperable’ by the doctors, Emmett beat all odds to recover and fight again just 13 months later. In his fight against Shane Burgos in 2020, Josh suffered a knee tear within 20 seconds of the bout. Although he was able to win the fight, he required more than a year to properly recover. Now, after beating Calvin Kattar, and in the best run of his career, Emmett will be looking to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a UFC champion.

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