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Josh Emmett wants to remain ‘as active as possible’ following UFC 269

by Dave Noseworthy

The fight between Josh Emmett and Dan Ige at UFC 269 didn’t end in carnage like expected. What resulted was an entertaining tilt that was more of a technical and strategic approach from both men as opposed to the usual straight-up violence that takes place when either is involved.

After an extended layoff of a year and a half from healing from a knee injury, Emmett emerged the victor and came out on the other side ready to do it all over again. Making it known that he is healthy, and doesn’t want to sit around for very long before he steps back into the Octagon.

“I want to be as active as possible, you know as long as I’m injury-free I just want to fight. I’m doing pretty well, he landed some good calf kicks. So that knee that I had injured is definitely sore but it’s not the ACL, I knew he was gonna land those calf kicks and target that knee,” said Emmett during his post-fight interview. “So he did a good job, but yeah I’m good to go, I wanna get right back in there.”

As for who he wants to step in there with, Emmett isn’t overly picky. Just as long as it’s someone in the upper echelon of the Featherweight division. As he tells the media, he feels as though he is deserving of a big name for his next fight.

“I want to fight people towards the top. I’m one of the only few that hasn’t got a fight with the top guys in the world. Everyone else in front of me has kinda fought each other, so I definitely want my shot, I want my opportunity.”

UFC 269 took place on Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021, live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

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