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Help Angie KO Cancer!

Joey and Luisa received news that would forever change their lives when they found out their 15-year-old daughter Angie was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma. This news comes as a complete shock to the family as Angie has been healthy and has not shown any symptoms until the past few weeks. Angie has already undergone a few procedures and will start aggressive treatment in the coming days. She is a sweet and bright young girl who loves school and spending time with her family.

Angie's Father, Joey Rodriguez is the Head Boxing Coach for Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California. Joey spends countless hours coaching some of the best fighters in the world to prepare for their fights, and we now have the chance to help his family prepare for the fight of their lives. Joey is one of the most selfless and loyal human beings one can ever meet. His profession has led to sacrificing time with his family by traveling and missing important family events such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Let’s support Angie, Joey, Luisa, and family by being in their corner.

Angie has a long road ahead of her, and this gofundme was created to help alleviate the burden of medical, financial, and living expenses.


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