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Dan Ige was surprised to fight Josh Emmett, expects a war at UFC 269

Dan Ige found himself surprised that he got the Josh Emmett fight at UFC 269. He was coming off of a loss and expecting to face someone less notable.

That didn’t happen as drew the veteran Josh Emmett for his fight at UFC 269. The bout will be an important one for both men as they look to climb the featherweight division.

“When they called me with the Emmett fight I was surprised. My mind was thinking smaller because I was coming off a loss and I wasn’t sure in my mind how the company thought about me. I figured I would fight someone below me so I was mentally prepared for anyone, even guys outside the rankings,” Ige said on Just Scrap Radio on “When they called me I was surprised. But, I am stoked for the opportunity because it is another chance to climb the ladder. It’s a great fight stylistically, it’s a fan-friendly fight. We both bring it and we try to finish out guys and we are both tough to put away.”

Dan Ige knows Josh Emmett will be a very difficult fight. The Team Alpha Male fighter is known for his big power and incredible toughness.

Josh Emmett tore his ACL back in 2020 during the Shane Burgos fight. He proved to everyone that he was willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Dan Ige isn’t expecting a quick knockout as he knows Emmett is very difficult to put away. He expects a war as we saw from Michael Chandler and Justin Gaethje at UFC 268.

“The dude is super tough. In his last fight, he tore his ACL in the first minute against a hard-hitting Shane Burgos and fought through the entire fight, and won it,” Ige said. “I’m not taking away his toughness, if I go and get a nice knockout like the Gavin Tucker KO, great. It’s not what I prepare for, I prepare for the hardest motherfucker to put away. I’m expecting a Gaethje-Chandler type of war. If you are not preparing for that you are going to crumble when it does happen. We are so evenly matched and both can throw heat and wrestle offensively and defensively and we both have the ability to knock each other out. It will be an insane fight for the fans and I’m looking to come out victorious.”

Dan Ige takes on Josh Emmett on the prelims of UFC 269. The bout will help both men inch closer to a title shot at featherweight.

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