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Bryce Mitchell Thanks Josh Emmett for Not Hitting Him After Brutal KO at UFC 296

Bryce Mitchell believes he might have died if Josh Emmett had followed up with any more shots after brutally knocking out “Thug Nasty” at UFC 296 last weekend.

Mitchell stepped in on short notice against Emmett, replacing Giga Chikadze, who was forced out due to an injury. Mitchell was sent to the shadow realm by Emmett with an overhand right in one of the most devasting punch knockouts in UFC history.

However, Mitchell believes it could have been much worse had Emmett not restrained himself from throwing follow-up shots, which is a natural instinct for many fighters.

“You know got a lot of work left to do but that's what I'm up to. But I wanted to let y'all know that I am so happy with Josh Emmett,” the 29-year-old said in a video released on social media. “Because right after he knocked me out, he could have followed up with the hammerfist and it probably would have killed me.

“He didn't even follow up with anything. He was just happy with his knockout and he walked away. I'm so gracious for that. I will forever remember that. I love that whole team. That Alpha Male team; I love every single one of you guys. Thank you for not hitting me extra, Josh.”

Mitchell could be seen convulsing on the canvas for a while after the knockout and was on visibly wobbly legs while being escorted out. All the UFC commentators, especially Joe Rogan, kept screaming on the mic to have “Thug Nasty” seated to avoid risk of further injury. Micthell thanked Rogan and confirmed his concerns as he admittedly couldn’t remember anything up to the point where he was seated in a gurney in an ambulance.


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