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Alexander Volkanovski doesn’t ‘mind’ the idea of a Josh Emmett-Yair Rodriguez interim featherweight

Alexander Volkanovski will be out for a while as he heals up his broken hand and is fine with the UFC making an interim featherweight title fight.

Volkanovski defended his title for the fourth time as he beat Max Holloway by decision at UFC 276. In the fight, Volkanovski broke his hand but even with that, he says he wants to fight for the lightweight title next time out. With that, Volkanovski says he would be fine if the UFC makes an interim featherweight title fight between Emmett and Rodriguez.

“To be honest, I don’t mind the idea while I’m sitting here [injured],” Volkanovski said on The MMA Hour. “There’s no clear — for that No. 1 contender, right? Let them fight for that No. 1 contender, because I think they both deserve it. They’re both in a position where they could get a shot. Are they screaming out where it needs to be them before everyone? No, not really. So let them fight for that No. 1 contender. If it’s for the interim belt and then we’ll fight, sweet. Because like I told you, I’m not lying when I say I want to be active. They can go do that, I’ll go do my thing, and I’m telling you, a couple months after that, get me back in there, I’ll do it.

“Perfect world for me, lightweight title early next year, and then if they do this interim thing, if that happens, it will just make for a bigger fight anyway, so I don’t mind,” Volkanovski continued. “And then you’ve got a clear No. 1 guy. Everyone’s going to be screaming their name, whoever wins between Josh Emmett and Rodriguez. And then they can both say they’re fighting for a belt, they can go there, and then when we fight it’s another big fight. So I don’t mind the idea, to be honest.”

If the UFC does book an interim featherweight title, it allows Alexander Volkanovski to have time to heal up his hand and then fight for the lightweight title. Meaning, that allows the division to continue on and once he fights for the 155lbs title he can drop back down and defend his strap against the winner of Emmett-Rodriguez.

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