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UFC fighter interview Brendan Fitzgerald with Josh Emmett

UFC fighter interview Brendan Fitzgerald with Josh Emmett

Fitz Nation on UFC Fight Pass:

Brendan Fitzgerald chats with UFC featherweight contender Josh Emmett ahead of his main event at UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs. Emmett.

Emmett talks about his upbringing in Sacramento and how life was tough, but it hardened him and gave him a purpose in life to pursue being a pro athlete. Ultimately, he found success with wrestling and combat sports.

Despite his 17-2 record and high ranking in the UFC featherweight division, Emmett admits he doesn't love fighting, but it's his pursuit of winning a UFC championship that drives him to succeed.

  • 0:00 - Intro

  • 1:14 - Josh’s thoughts on the fight several weeks out

  • 2:14 - Josh’s reflection on tribulations of the game and how he understands it’s his time now despite being 37

  • 4:13 - Josh offers his thoughts on what it will take to beat Volk

  • 6:17 - Talks about upbringing

  • 8:20 - Connection with Dad

  • 11:55 - Breaks down his usage of the term “tough” to describe childhood

  • 14:05 - Explains his brother was murdered several years ago

  • 15:55 - Why he fights

  • 16:44 - Why Wrestling Clicked

  • 19:35 - Talking about his school, which was almost 80% athletes

  • 21:30 - How life changed going down a COMBAT sport as opposed to a regular sport 24:45 - Why Josh likes wrestling despite the grueling nature of the sport

  • 26:55 - Reflection on his mindset before he realized athletic success

  • 31:00 - Josh’s love for competition

  • 33:33 - Josh admitting he doesn’t “like to fight”

  • 37:10 - Viewing MMA as a job versus athletic endeavor

  • 40:45 - Why Josh chose to pursue fighting

  • 43:00 - What advice would Josh tell a younger version of himself


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