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Josh Emmett on the Jenna Ben Show #79

Featherweight @joshemmettufc is on tonight!! Did y’all see his last fight? Multiple knee injuries 20 seconds into the first round and he still went the full 15 minutes, winning by unanimous decision and collecting the highly desired Fight of the Night award/bonus 👊🏼💥.⠀

On the surface Josh is a powerhouse, but we dug deep and learned about all of the times he tried and “failed” until he made it to the UFC. It reminded me that if you’re passionate, skilled, and put out good energy ... keep going, you’ll get there 🙌🏼.

Josh’s position on social media and stories of his best friend going hard for him had me laughing 😆. Check us out tonight by clicking the link in my bio or visit (or app) and tap the Talk station right at 8pm pt, 9pm mt, 10pm ct, or 11pm et to listen 🎧


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